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Miao Silver Earrings & Headpieces


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Unique Tribal Miao Silver

These pieces are Tribal Miao nationality. Miao people are well-known for their hand made Jewellery in unique designs. These pieces are made in China by highly skilled Miao artisans with exquisite workmanship. Perfect pieces for your tribal collection.

The material is : Miao Silver (30% silver content and white brass)
They originate from: Guizhou Province, China during the 20th century

Lots of pictures on this page may take a while to load......

Bracelets / Cuffs / Hair Pins



Happiness   Beauty 


Miao Cuffs  



Miao Cuff Bracelet - Adjustable measures 18.5 inner circumference.  7cm deep  Has good solid weight

MC003  $49.00ea

Miao Cuff Bracelet - Adjustable measures 18cm inner circumference. 5cm deep  Lightish  40gms

1 pair only

MC006  $49.00ea






  Virtue    Blessing 


Miao Hairpins


The Hairpins shown are approx 18cm / 7" long with the pin 12.5cm /  5" long






Miao Hairpin

MH001 - $25ea


Miao Hairpin

MH002 - $25ea



Miao Hairpin

MH003 - $25ea






Miao Hairpin

MH004 - $25ea


Miao Hairpin

MH005 - $25ea



Miao Hairpin

MH006 - $25ea




Harmony  Prosperity





Happiness      Beauty     Virtue   Blessing   Harmony   Prosperity   Longevity




Chinese Proverbs

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Where so ever you go, go with all your heart.

Knowing is not as good as loving; loving is not as good as enjoying.


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